How can I place my order?

First of all you have to register yourself at our website ,then you have to give us your personal  email ID . All types  of  information  after placing  your order will be Update at your Email.


Do I  have to pay any kind of taxes?

No, You have no need  to pay any kind of taxes for placing your order.


Do you keep my order in secrecy ?

Yes, we will  keep all of your  secrets hidden .It will not disclose to the third party.


How can I get my payment back to me?

You have to touch our customer service facility for this purpose . simply you have to text  us  From your Email ID and after receiving  your message we will repay your money within few days as soon as possible.


How can I Recover my order?

You can recover your order by placing   your order again at our web side .We will reship it for your relaxation.


Will you  Take any extra  charges for recovering order?

No, we are not taking any extra payment for this process because our first aim is our customer satisfaction.


In how many countries do you have  shipping facilities ?

we have warehouse  in USA, UK  ,INDIA ,PHILPINE And PAKISTAN  also.


How many days do you have take in delivery process?

After place your order , we have to verify your funds  and then  delivery process will be start . You can check your tracking at usps.com after  24 Hours . Online tracking can also take time more than 24 Hours .It can take 75 Hours  also .so, keep in touch with web for your assurance. After this process your order will be reach at you within 5 days.


Can you provide a shipping facility to my country ?

Yes, Definitely we can do it for our client satisfaction.


Do you have the shipping facility available  within 24 Hours?

No, It is difficult for us because , all the products are sent be seas as a medium and it will take few days for shipment process.


Can you tell us about the soonest delivery procedure?

yes of course , you can receive your order US to US  within few time.


Do you  accept Credit  Cards?

Currently we are accepting all types of credit card.


Which types of payment do you except credit card?

we are using  western union ,Money gram, Bit Coin and Bank Transfer . we prefer these ways of payments rather than credit card because its a easy and fattest way for transaction.


Do I have to  put sign upon Delivery?

Yes sure , you have to do it .if you will not be at home then your order will be redeliver you at next day according to our schedule .You can also collect your packet  from office.


If I forget my password then what I can do?

if you are suffering such problem then you can use the password .


Do you follow Doctor Prescription for Order

No, we  have no need of prescription .we do all transaction without Doctor prescription.


If I missed something informative at my order detail?

IF this will happened with you then you  can send all information at our EMAIL .


Do you have  discreet   packing of material ?

Yes, we have a super quality of packing  for you .Your material will be packed in bubble gum paper and  special envelope . It will avoid you from any kind of damage .